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Developed by industry experts and taught by world-class working professionals. Enhance any student into an expert. Certified by Utbildnings Ledare and members of Yrkeshögskoleförbundet. 5 year experience of teaching all over Sweden to the top IU schools.

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We use all the major educational platforms

Gaddr Academy have used all the major platforms for online education, we are also familiar with the course standards of the biggest schools in Sweden.

Everything a student needs

Students are free to join pre selected study groups to boost their grades with help of peers. A complementary seminar on productivity and time management written by a previous top student who graduated top of her class and taught her peers during her time at university. In every course the students get all the slides and materials used plus a digital course handbook.

Study groups

Study groups

Why Us?

One of a kind educational space, that focuses on what the real industry is and what it will ask of young minds. Giving students a competitive advantage by learning from working professionals who are active in the industry with years of experience and university degrees. Our faculty includes some of the top AI lecturers, public speakers and Forbes 30 under 30 talents and we collaborate with Swedish Academia and are members of numerous academic school boards.
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Productivity & time management

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