Can courses be done anywhere or digitally?

Courses can be held digitally.
An invitation link for either Zoom, Hangout or Teams will be sent out after booking has been finalized.

We gladly invite you to take your course at our Stockholm based office to learn in our facilities.
During the corona period and the extended physical distance limits we urge for smaller physical groups  (4-5) with people outside of the risk groups or digital bookings, for the health benifits of all.

Our lecturers can also visit your office, city or venue, provided travel and accomodation costs are met.

Are courses arable in Swedish?

Yes courses are provided in Swedish or English.

Is there any required learnings material I should provide for the course?

If its not stated in the course description then no. Usually learning materials are provided digitally during the course.

I want to give a lecture myself. Where can I sign up?

Contact us at and we would be happy to consider your a lecturer.

Can I request a custom made course?

For groups over 20 people we can help you customize a course for your organisation.

Is it possible to have the course in a different location?

Yes if there's more than 20 participants, you can request another location for the course.

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