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Course Description

The main content of the course

The course prepares the participants to independently conduct leadership and implementation of AI within an organization.
At the end of the course, participants will have a deep understanding of what AI is, collection data, pattern optimization, different AI applications that see today and how AI can be applied to different businesses.

To understand your business and use, a computer-driven AI is a must today. Through data collection and analytical methods, AI can develop your business. It does this by understanding what information organizations have, how can I collect and store it, how you systematize can use information and automated processes. With these methods you can not only develop effective tools in operations but also intelligence that develops, learns and becomes more intelligent as it does.

Course Objectives
After completing the course, the participant should have the following knowledge, skills and competences:
* Wide understanding of AI
* Data collection
* Machine learning
* Nerual network
* Evaluate AI and continue to increase AI intelligence
* Apply data in real-life situations
* AI project management within operations
* Image recognition
* Pattern optimization
* Emotional recognition AI


* Methods for project management of AI operations
* Be able to communicate with programmers around AI
* Understand and apply different AI types

Optional add ons to course

* AI in healthcare

* AI in fintech

* AI in marketing

Learning materials

For the course participate have access to the Gaddr AI to direct apply their learnings of a live working broad AI solution covering a wide range of technology.


During the end of the course the participant will take a exam test which if successful, certifies the particpant as a Gaddr AI leader.

Teachers / Speakers

Francisco Antonio Oscar Padilla
Innovation & AI Specialist

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