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What is branding and why are there so many misconceptions of what it contains?


Can everything be branded? How do we do this and what can go wrong?

Subjects for branding

What do we normally brand and how do the subjects of branding all differ?

Types of Branding

What types of branding do we have?

Angles of Branding 

What angles are there to think of? We brand an object together. We look at details within branding and do a thought-provoking experiment to highlight the huge effect branding has on our brains - even if we may not notice.


We look at 9 different types of logos and how they affect our target group in different ways.


We look at how colours create feelings, associations and moods, in different cultures, and the importance of colour choices that work well together.


We learn how form greatly influences the viewers’ mood and how different forms fit different companies. 


We look into Tone (of voice), and how this creates a very specific feel for the brand, even down to the company culture. 

Tag lines

We learn how a good tagline is created and why some companies succeed with this while others don’t. 


Just as with colours - the fonts and how they work together is very important for both the visuals and readability. 

Content/Copy text, headlines, open loops

We learn to create 


We learn how an illustration lifts the content of a page and what can go wrong.


We talk about how the brand needs to stick out in a jungle of competitors and how this can be done. 


We learn how to literally package a product and what to think of.

Personal Branding

We learn how to brand ourselves.

Practical Branding

We get a case where we need to brand both a company and its products and services.

PS! We have in this topic one Lab and a big case study with grades. 


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