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Course Description

What to expect

Business today is becoming more and more data-driven. So to get a competitive advantage, it's essential to use data and AI for your business. Learn how to make AI-driven business decisions for your company.

This course includes

During the course, you will learn about AI in Fintech and how to integrate it into transactions and business decisions.

  • Apply areas of AI in business today
  • Opportunities for AI in business
  • Keys to success with AI
  • Implementing AI-driven decisions
  • Financial decisions making with AI
  • Workshop regarding your organization and areas to apply AI
  • Implementation of Fintech AI

* Methods for project management of AI operations
* Be able to communicate with programmers around business AI
* Understand and apply different AI types

What you’ll be doing

This is an intensive five -day course with lectures, workshops, and reading material.
The course group is made up of around 3-50 participants of various backgrounds. The delivery team consists of facilitators from Gaddr and expert collaborators from our network. Also, we provide AI tools for practical usage during the course. These experts are experienced professionals working in the industry.


All prices depend upon the duration and size of the class. The maximum price is 10,000kr per person for a business. We offer discounts for Gaddr clients and 5% if you purchase two courses. Please contact us for a 15 min free virtual meeting and get a quote. For all school, please contact us to get a quote as the prices are custom to each course and duration.

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