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The aim of the course is for the student to be able to create hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as frameworks for the purpose and publish them. The student will also learn additional frameworks such as React Native to be more similar to Native apps. The course focuses mainly on web apps adapted for mobile.

Training component:

1. CSS, HTML and JavaScript ES6, TypeScript, HTML5, Code Quality Tools (ESLint example)

2. The JavaScript ecosystem, NodeJS and npm

3. JavaScript framework and React Native intended for mobile platforms

4. Identify and familiarize yourself with appropriate resources for hybrid development of mobile applications

5. Plan and develop hybrid web applications using CSS, HTML and JavaScript

6. Write, read, structure, analyze, document and comment on source code in JavaScript and React Native

7. Find, discuss, fix and prevent syntax errors, program errors and programming logic errors in JavaScript and React Native

8. Develop applications for several platforms simultaneously

9. Make adjustments to the application specifically for iOS and Android respectively

10. Develop mobile applications for both Android and iOS using javascript framework and React Native framework


After completing the course with a passed result, the student should be able to: Knowledge

1. Explain CSS, HTML and JavaScript in hybrid development

2. Describe design patterns, ES6 and HTML5 in hybrid development

Explain the NodeJS, npm, Expo, hybrid and JavaScript ecosystems

4. Understand the differences, limitations and benefits of hybrid development between mobile platforms.


5. Apply, identify and familiarize yourself with appropriate resources for hybrid development of mobile applications.

6. Find, discuss, fix and prevent syntax errors, bug fixes and platform limitations in hybrid development

7. Create a basic hybrid environment with navigation, API contact, library and documentation


7. Plan and develop web applications using CSS, HTML5, Expo, ES6 and JavaScript

8. Write, read, structure, analyze, device test, document and comment on source code in JavaScript

9. Well-motivated and efficiently develop and launch applications for several mobile platforms at the same time with regard to frameworks, optimization, networks and resources


All prices depend upon the duration and size of the class. The maximum price is 10,000kr per person for a business. We offer discounts for Gaddr clients and 5% if you purchase two courses. Please contact us for a 15 min free virtual meeting and get a quote. For all school, please contact us to get a quote as the prices are custom to each course and duration.

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