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What to expect

This will be a fast-paced, challenging course that will put you on the spot.

Gaddr Intelligence’s take on supply chain management and logistic operations offers a wide range of benefits to manufacturers. In an industry facing constant market disruptions and challenges, we help you be optimal today and prepare for the future. With our help, you’ll lead the logistics sector to ever greater visibility and automation.

This course includes

During the course, you will learn how to implement an AI system into your Logistics, allows to:  

  • Adapt easier in case of drastic change
  • Easier scalability to meet customer demand
  • Increase CRM
  • Increase safety and efficiency in new and existing pipelines

Adapt more easily in case of drastic change

Constantly evolve and modify your supply chain processes and logistics operations to stay ahead of the competition, respond quickly to market changes and disruptions.

Easier scalability to meet customer demand

Optimize delivery times and operation set-up by the hour, day, or week. Predict the maintenance needs of your supply chain to never lose momentum.

Increase CRM

Complete and deliver purchase orders in the most efficient and optimal way in order to increase and improve customer relations.

Increase safety and efficiency in new and existing pipelines

Reduce time, cost, and risk of managing and validating new suppliers as well as responding to existing suppliers’ issues during times of uncertainty. 

What you’ll be doing

This is an customised course, where you can chose the duration. The course included  lectures, workshops, and reading material.

The course group is made up of around 3-50 participants of various backgrounds. The delivery team consists of facilitators from Gaddr and expert collaborators from our network. Also, we provide AI tools for practical usage during the course. These experts are experienced professionals working in the industry.


All prices depend upon the duration and size of the class. The maximum price is 10,000kr per person for a business. We offer discounts for Gaddr clients and 5% if you purchase two courses. Please contact us for a 15 min free virtual meeting and get a quote. For all school, please contact us to get a quote as the prices are custom to each course and duration.

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