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3 - 50
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What to expect

This will be a fast-paced, challenging course that will put you on the spot. You will learn innovative methods and practice role model leadership.

This course includes

During the course, you will learn AI technology, AI can help robotics apply to all industries to

  • Enhance route planning and interaction capabilities
  • Improve autonomy and self-supervised learning 
  • Allow interactions and integrations between robots
  • Promote multi-agent control systems
  • Build robotics fleets 

With advanced learning algorithms, AI solutions deepen the robot's understanding of the surrounding environment, enabling it to perform operations smoothly or even make appropriate behavior adjustments in advance to improve navigation effects and efficiency.

Gaddr Intelligence greatly improves the automatic ability of your robotics. When encountering a new unknown object, your robot can collect data while maintaining alertness, to calculate the best behaviour for future interactions.

Enhance route planning and interaction capabilities

Deepens your robot's understanding of the surroundings and develops adjustments in behaviour in advance to grow navigation effects and efficiency.

Improve autonomy and self-supervised learning 

Advances the automatic ability of your robotics, and makes it collect data 

while maintaining alertness to calculate the best behaviour for future interactions.

Allow interactions and integrations between robots

Increases your robots’ capabilities of learning, problem-solving, and language understanding by algorithms, to better transform the workplace into an organized data-driven environment. 

Promote multi-agent control systems

Allows various robots to compare catalogs or data sets, enhances mutual observation, and corrects omissions. Eventually lets your robots keep balanced in the changing situations.

Build robotics fleets 

Enables robots to share relevant data through self-installed or remote sensors, 

thereby helping your robot fleets make informed decisions.

About us

Gaddr provides powerful artificial & human intelligence solutions that fit any project, company or value use, as well as modular and custom intelligence products and services. 

For more AI insights & creativity about human behaviour, please check Gaddr Personas.

What you’ll be doing

This is an customised course, where you can chose the duration. The course included  lectures, workshops, and reading material.

The course group is made up of around 3-50 participants of various backgrounds. The delivery team consists of facilitators from Gaddr and expert collaborators from our network. Also, we provide AI tools for practical usage during the course. These experts are experienced professionals working in the industry.


All prices depend upon the duration and size of the class. The maximum price is 10,000kr per person for a business. We offer discounts for Gaddr clients and 5% if you purchase two courses. Please contact us for a 15 min free virtual meeting and get a quote. For all school, please contact us to get a quote as the prices are custom to each course and duration.

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