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3 - 50
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Course Description


Through the course, the student must be able to systematically use object-oriented programming, system design, data structures, algorithms, design patterns, UML and programming principles.

Training component:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Object-oriented structure, write and troubleshoot programs in an object-oriented language
  • Programming principles and system design
  • UML
  • Machine learning models and datasets


After completing the course with a passed result, the student should be able to:


  1. Identify and account for data structures, algorithms,basic encryptionand object-oriented design
  2. Describe different programming principles such as YAGNI, MIMC, SOLID, DRY and KISS
  3. Describe UML and design patterns
  4. Describe machine learning such as CNN, RNN, LSTM and Capsule Network.
  5. Explain and communicate commitments and solutions in OOP and system design in English


  1. Apply and write, read, structure, analyze, document and comment on object-oriented source code
  2. Analyze and process content within OOP that leads to further learning and professional development within OOP
  3. Analyze, compare and discuss differences, similarities, advantages and disadvantages with different design patterns, algorithms, data structures and programming principles
  4. Execute and object-oriented structure, write and troubleshoot programs in an object-oriented language, such as Java
  5. Create and analyze assess machine learning models and datasets.


  1. Develop, design and plan systems with UML and analyze and assess which data structures, algorithms ,encryption methods and design patterns needed to implement a system
  2. Develop and implement design patterns and MVC
  3. Design and implement a system according to programming principles and system design / UML


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