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2 weeks & Customizable
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Course Description

With AI, there's a whole new field of psychologic understanding that hasn't been possible until now. AI is increasingly better at humans to diagnose therapy treatment and detect behavioral changes. It's also incredibly powerful in marketing and product design to understand your user's behaviors and adapt to them. Learn how to adapt Psychology AI in your organization.

This course includes

During the course, you will learn about psychology and how AI technology can be applied for understanding and developmental psychology. It's optional to focus the corse either on diagnosis, personal development, marketing, or design.

  • What is psychology?
  • AI and psychology
  • How to detect behaviors with AI
  • A deeper understanding of psykology
  • Apply AI psykology in your organization
  • Apply AI psykoloyi in marketing
  • Apply AI psychology in design

Optional add sessions (3 extra days for each additional session)

  • Deep dive in diagnosis psychology and AI
  • Deep dive in personal development psychology and AI
  • Deep dive in marketing psychology and AI
  • Deep dive in design understanding with psychology and AI

What you’ll be doing

This is an intensive two weeks-course with lectures, workshops, and reading material.
The course group is made up of around 3-50 participants of various backgrounds. The delivery team consists of facilitators from Gaddr and expert collaborators from our network. Also, we provide AI tools for practical usage during the course. These experts are experienced professionals working in the industry.


All prices depend upon the duration and size of the class. The maximum price is 10,000kr per person for a business. We offer discounts for Gaddr clients and 5% if you purchase two courses. Please contact us for a 15 min free virtual meeting and get a quote. For all school, please contact us to get a quote as the prices are custom to each course and duration.

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