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To measure what value and social change a organisation is creating is become more and more importan. Its not longer enough for a company to only be profitable or for a institution to say there making a difference. Both on company and governmental level it becomes more and more important to be able to prove that social and SCR program are actually creating the value they say they do. Learn how to measuring the value the organization is creating and how to apply it in the organization. Learn how to be a leader in driving social impact.

What to expect?

The course is focusing on user centered measuring of social good. Combining kvuality interviews with a small group of users and quantity surveys and analytics to prove how a organisation is making social good. These requires a delicate understanding of your users and to measure the most efficient datapoint. By combining these techniques we are making sure we are making great impact and at the same time measuring the reach of people reciving the support. Also how to make applicable solutions for the organization based of the measured learnings.

This course includes

The course includes a toolsets for measure the whole scope of impact, methodologies and workshopping real tangible solutions.

  • Deep interviews, asking the right questions
  • Surveing
  • Impact workshopping
  • Analytics for impact measurement
  • Setting the social measuring datapoints
  • Pathway of change
  • Evaluating impact
  • Action workshops based of measurement

This is a three day course with the goal to give the participant concrete tools to either work as a impact measurer or start applying the impact measurement of your current organization after the course ending.

Teachers / Speakers

Anton Håkanson
Enteprenur, designer, speaker and tech lead

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