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838m² co-working with a sea view.

Private office rooms, open co-working, meetings & events 25 mins from Stockholm C.

Trusted by 10 000 brands, businesses & Influencers

An inspiring work environment that will help boost productivity and creativity.

10Gbit Internet

Our office is equipped with 10Gbit high-speed internet to keep you and your colleagues connected.

Warm beverages

Enjoy our flavoured coffee, hot tea, and various snacks.


We ensure your environment is clean, so you only need to focus on your work.

24/7 Access

Digital access doors mean all members can safely focus on work around the clock.

Events & Networking

We run frequent and exciting events that will enhance your network, and tighten the team.

Sauna & Swimming

Enjoy a quick dip in the water or charge your batteries during the cold winter in the sauna.

Pet friendly

Our Co-Working space is open to your four legged pets.

Great sea view

You have access to the natural light and view, which can improve your mood and productivity.

Anything else?

Don’t hesitate to tell us about your desires and needs and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs.

Our co-working space

If you are interested in renting an office space, you are welcome to try out our office for the day. We can give you a tour!

Choose Your Seat

Flex seat
990 SEK
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Fixed Seat
1590 SEK
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Private office
7 990 SEK
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Alviks Strand

Take a look at what our area has to offer.

Gaddr CoWork

We are happy to answer questions about our coworking space.