High-tech studio
Gaddr Studio is a high-tech studio, ready to take on a number of advanced assignments - from photo/film, editing and live events to 3D, SFX and matte paintings.
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Our offers

Gaddr Studio’s specialists have almost 30 years experience within both studio and traditional/digital marketing, and customers from all over the world. We offer a wide range of services - in addition to renting out studio equipment and know-how. Among these services are everything related to photography, film and sound as well as graphic design and public relations.


Gaddr Photo offers product photography, illustrative photography - abstract or specific, portrait photography, scenery and landscape photography, retouch, manipulation and restoration of photographs. Gaddr Film offers advertising for TV, documentaries, filming at events, LIVE TV coverage - as well as edit and special effects for any type of film production.


Gaddr Sound offers any type of sound based assistance - from recording and editing for radio, film and pods. But also foley recordings, which is sound SFX for film and radio plays


Gaddr offers multi camera productions for your events - LIVE or recordings. Complete with graphics, text and SFX. Especially useful during the pandemic, with restrictions on your audience. Gaddr offers film productions, editing, camera personel, storyboarding, matte painting and other SFX, green screening, virtual productions and film equipment for rent. For animation see 3D and 2D animation, and for VR see Virtual Reality.


Which is photorealistic backgrounds for film. Matte painting can also be used to visualise building projects and for movie character presentations.

3D & 2D animation/Cartooning

Gaddr 3D created 3D models and animations, but also do visualisation of prototypes, building projects and landscapes.
We have the opportunity to create our 3D in any of the major 3D programs to fit our clients’ needs. Gaddr Anime offers traditional 2D animation, as well as cartoon strips for magazines and newspapers.

Virtual Reality

Gaddr VR offers VR and 360 documentations and presentations, as well as virtual productions with green screen and motion tracking.

Graphic Design

Gaddr Design’s staff has almost 30 years experience within all areas of graphic design - for print or web. We work with both traditional and digital marketing material.
Also see branding and marketing.


Packaging your company your products, your ideas or your image is one of our specialties. Branding includes an over all analytics of the product in question, analytics of competition, customer personas, UX, image, positioning, tone, styles and so on. Gaddr Marketing offers both traditional and digital marketing - with main focus on social media and Google ads. We are specialists in SEO and content/Copy text - and also teach these topics in University colleges all over the country.


Gaddr UI offers web design and programming - through CMS platforms, HTML/CSS or an UI tool - like as example Figma. Our web and UI designers have close to 30 years of experience and produce web pages, web shops, and landing pages for customers all over the world.