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Get everything creative from one place. We offer a wide range of services - photography, videography, animation, sound, graphic & web design and marketing projects.
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Frequently used tools in Gaddr Studio



Gaddr Studio's matte painting service will give you a photorealistic background for any film. Read more


Gaddr Studio offers multi-camera productions for your events - LIVE or recordings. Read more

Sounds / Pods

Gaddr Studio offers sound-based assistance at any stage of your project: recording and editing of the audio. Read more

Web Design / UX & UI

Gaddr Studio offers web design and programming to produce web pages, web shops and landing pages. Read more

Virtual Reality

Gaddr Studio offers VR and 360 documentations and presentations, as well as virtual productions with green screen and motion tracking. Read more

Branding / Marketing

Gaddr Studio offers a variety of marketing services - with the main focus on social media, Google ads, SEO, and content writing. Read more

3D and 2D Animation

Gaddr Studio creates 2D & 3D models and animations, visualisations of prototypes, building projects and landscapes.  Read more

Graphic Design

Gaddr Studio offers graphic design for printed and digital matters. Read more

Photo / Video

Gaddr Studio offers a wide range of photo and video services to grow the sales of your business with high-quality content. Read more


Gaddr Studio offers live shopping that is customisable to your project to match the audience in real-time. Read more.