Welcome to the one of a kind Gaddr Business Game Show. This event brings together university students and industry professionals. During the Gaddr Game Show, these two teams will face each other and challenge their knowledge. For each episode, we choose a topic that both of the participating teams feel comfortable with. For example, we attract design students to participate, then we will invite Designers to challenge these students. Each team will consist of 3 people and the whole Game Show is divided into 3 categories/rounds. The team with the most points at the end of the last round wins.

In the past, Gaddr has done several successful live streams with over 100K viewers on Twitch, we estimate this pilot episode will have over 10K views over various platforms.

One of a kind gameshow

Become a part of the first-ever The Gaddr Business Game Show! This is no ordinary Game Show. We will make sure to choose a topic that both teams are familiar with. The team that collects the most points at the end of the last round will get prizes from Gaddr and our sponsors

Become a sponsor

  • Sponsors get amazing discounts and free services from Gaddr.
  • We will market your company with the gameshow before, after and during the episode.
  • A company video can be added during the gameshow
  • Expand you brand awareness with us

There are numerous benefits, please download the PDF here for all information for sponsors and this PDF for participants.

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