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One Universal Identity

One username for all your profiles. All feeds, profiles and people in one place.

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Gaddr Me

The app that got Gaddr started.

GaddrMe unites all social media identities in one place and
will be re-released soon with privacy as a core focus.

  • Explore BILLIONS of usernames on any social platform.
  • Get all your social feed in the same app.
  • Instantly add nearby people on events & parties.
  • One universal contact list.
  • 130+ apps, games & medias.
All feeds, profiles & people in one place.

Most of today’s online users control a host of social media platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to Snapchat and Soundcloud, which is why the Gaddr app is bringing all those accounts together under a single username for each real-life user. With the Gaddr app, Rihanna fans will no longer need to search through several social media sites to get the latest on the star’s daily life, nor will friends need to keep remembering each others’ arcane Twitter handles.

The meta-social media platform supports as many as 50 different profiles, so even the smallest and most obscure profiles can get a place within a user’s Gaddr page. As social media moves further from a series of interconnected networks and closer to a tangled net, Gaddr helps users keep organized in the digital space.

Said about Gaddr


"Gaddr is fantastic"

You have gathered all your platforms in one portal. The main problem is streamlining attention to your fans. This is why Gaddr is great.

Simon Hagert

E-sport gamer @ Team Solomid
"A Social Media Game-Changer."


"That's where Gaddr comes in, helping to reduce friction"

Influencers need to start thinking like multi-billion dollar brands when it comes to creating great experiences.

Vincent Vukovic

Community Manager @ DICE
"Gaddr is brilliant!"

We are happy to be a part of this innovative platform. Thanks to Gaddr, we are now able to have all of our social profiles on one unifying platform!

Nova & Daniella

Founders YourHappyPeriod
#1 Top Trending Startup

& Launching Next

Gaddr is like a swiss knife...

...Everthing in one place!

Alexis Piippo

CEO Karlex